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July 2017 ADP Rankings

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When to Ignore ADP?

smitty fantasy football advice

If you are anything close to being a serious fantasy football owner, you know all about ADP (Average Draft Position) Data, which is essentially compiled mock draft data that suggests where, on average, players are typically getting drafted.

I am a HUGE believer in using ADP Data to your advantage. In fact, I consider it one of the most important aspects of fantasy football… if you don’t use Average Draft Position rankings properly when you have your original draft, or when you factor in trade values, you will never ‘get ahead’ and acquire that impossible-type team. That’s the goal, right? To have a team that others say out loud, “how the heck did he get that team?”

So, now to the fun part..

Question: When should one ignore ADP Data?

Answer: Every situation is uniquely different. There is no for sure answer.

So, taking a current average of current ADPs out there on the Web (as of 4/12/2017), I will identify players I would Significantly Reach For, in a sense ignoring ADPs. I will also speak to the flip side, players I feel are NOT worth their going ADP rank. Note: All other players not identified below should be attained at, or very near, their going ADP rank, or I have no real opinion regarding their current ADP.

ADP Data as of 4/12/2017

4/12/17: This Mock Draft Data was compiled using several 2017 ADPs

#PlayerPosTmComment About ADP
1David JohnsonRBARI Use ADP When Drafting
2Ezekiel ElliottRBDAL Use ADP When Drafting
3LeVeon BellRBPIT Use ADP When Drafting
4Antonio BrownWRPIT Use ADP When Drafting
5Odell Beckham JrWRNYG Use ADP When Drafting
6Julio JonesWRATL Use ADP When Drafting
7LeSean McCoyRBBUFCAUTION: While LeSean McCoy is very capable of being a top 7 overall player in 2017, he is also at that age in his career where he could drop off the face of the earth due to injury. He is turning 29 before the 2017 season begins, he has a long injury history with knees/legs, and he has eight starting seasons in the rear view, which is a TON for an NFL rusher. To put that into perspective, Priest Holmes only had three full starting seasons before he got injured and never returned to form (and only played 5 seasons prior to getting hurt)... Larry Johnson broke down during his fifth NFL seasons, with only two monster starter campaigns... Shaun Alexander, one of the best fantasy running backs ever, was able to only last five seasons as a monster starter in the NFL, as he broke down during his sixth NFL season. McCoy's eight seasons is a grip, and while he could have one more elite year left, my advice is to let someone else take the chance at top 7 overall value! Avoid at ADP value of 5-9 overall!
8Melvin GordonRBSD Use ADP When Drafting
9Mike EvansWRTB Use ADP When Drafting
10Jordan HowardRBCHICAUTION: I like Jordan Howard a lot, however, to be a top 10 overall pick in fantasy football, a player, to me, needs to feel more for sure and have less questions surrounding their QB situation (Mike Glennon) and entire passing game (now without any WR but Cameron Meredith and Kevin White). I'm sorry, but that smells like disappointment from a team standpoint and moving the chains standpoint. I like Howard, and I'd love to own him as a late second-round type talent, but that's not going to happen in any league/draft... I'll pass at anywhere near 8-12 overall ADP!
11A.J. GreenWRCIN Use ADP When Drafting
12DeMarco MurrayRBTENCAUTION: First off, I still like owning both DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry, so if you can own both for sure, I don't mind this ADP value too much. I think there are safer ways to go (and you can still draft just Henry as a secret weapon), but I don't mind this value IF you have the duo. If you do not have the duo, in dynasty or redraft, I think this is dangerous value (top 12) for DeMarco drafters/owners. In redraft, it's madness if you don't absolutely reach for Henry, but at 5.11 ADP, Henry is looking like he will cost a boatload. That's your fifth-drafted player right there. My advice this year, in redraft, is to avoid DeMarco Murray at top 12 overall value... in order to handcuff him to Henry, it's too costly, as you have to reach past 5.11 to ensure you get both, and even 5.11 feels nuts, so reaching even higher to be certain, no thanks... In dynasty, sell-high on DeMarco if possible.
13Jordy NelsonWRGB Use ADP When Drafting
14Jay AjayiRBMIA Use ADP When Drafting
15Devonta FreemanRBATL Use ADP When Drafting
16Todd GurleyRBLASLEEPER ALERT: In redraft or dynasty, Todd Gurley looks to have all risk built into his ADP/trade value. This is his floor, but I consistently see him at the 14-16 overall range. Steal! I reach even up to pick 12 overall and I buy all day! He could struggle if he gets no offensive support, but he can also be the No. 1 overall player in fantasy football again! Buy! Draft!
17Dez BryantWRDAL Use ADP When Drafting
18Michael ThomasWRNOCAUTION: I like Michael Thomas, but wow, this is costly. I'm almost shocked that fantasy owners are willing to draft him ahead of players like DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. I get it, he is in a great spot, but he still has lots of risk, and to make him your second-drafted player in redraft? In dynasty, if I own him, I sell-high, because his dynasty value is easily as high as this. At least. That's a great sell-high opportunity if you ask me, because even if I'm wrong and he does workout and be this good, you're selling high, so you should get something back that will too be awesome, thus you lose nothing by trading him into a likely safer option.
19T.Y. HiltonWRIND Use ADP When Drafting
20Lamar MillerRBHOU Use ADP When Drafting
21Aaron RodgersQBGBSLEEPER ALERT: I always suggest ignoring ADP a little when it comes to the top 1-3QBs, and that doesn't change entering 2017. However, this ADP feels a touch off when compared to what is likely to happen in most drafts.
So, assuming Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady all fall to about 25 overall, I am fine with drafting any of the three in the top 25-36... I reach for those big guns, as any one of them can be the number one overall scorer in fantasy.
22Amari CooperWROAKSLEEPER ALERT: Like DeAndre Hopkins below, this is "win a league" type stuff if Amari Cooper becomes what I think he will become. Sure, he busted in 2016, but he is entering his third NFL seasons, sometimes WRs need 2 full played seasons before they explode. Cooper has already shown me flashes of being a top 5WR in fantasy. I am all in. I'm buying low in dynasty at this value and slightly higher, and I have no worries drafting him in redraft at this value, and would reach a few slots if needed.
23Mark IngramRBNO Use ADP When Drafting
24Carlos HydeRBSF Use ADP When Drafting
25Rob GronkowskiTENE Use ADP When Drafting
26DeAndre HopkinsWRHOUSLEEPER ALERT: Whenever you have a player ranking outside of the second-round, meaning you can draft him, or trade for him, at value equal to your third-best player, yet he has top 1-5 potential at his position, that's what you call 'win a league' value. Hopkins may have risk, and he certainly busted last year, at least given his draft value... however, I have zero concerns about his talent or future, he just had a bad situation last year. The risk is his situation does not improve, but that's a risk that is now built into 24-26 overall value. Don't even worry about reaching 5-6 picks above this value for Hopkins, he's easily worth a top 18-22 overall selection on draft day, and I'd easily trade for him at that value in dynasty. Easily!
27CJ AndersonRBDENCAUTION: I don't even understand this ADP. I wouldn't touch CJ even in the next round let alone this 27th overall range. Avoid and do not use ADP.
28Brandin CooksWRNE Use ADP When Drafting
29Allen RobinsonWRJAC Use ADP When Drafting
30Spencer WareRBSEA Use ADP When Drafting
31Davante AdamsWRGB Use ADP When Drafting
32Tom BradyQBNESLEEPER ALERT: See Aaron Rodgers comment above!
33Doug BaldwinWRSEA Use ADP When Drafting
34Latavius MurrayRBMIN Use ADP When Drafting
35Tyreek HillWRKC Use ADP When Drafting
36Keenan AllenWRSD Use ADP When Drafting
37Adrian PetersonRBMIN Use ADP When Drafting
38Alshon JefferyWRPHISLEEPER ALERT: Is Alshon Jeffery an injury risk? Yes, absolutely. Is that built into 38 overall value? Yes, without question. I like this value, as he still has top 7-10WR appeal in my opinion.
39Drew BreesQBNOSLEEPER ALERT: See Aaron Rodgers comment above!
40Sammy WatkinsWRBUF Use ADP When Drafting
44Demaryius ThomasWRDEN Use ADP When Drafting
41LeGarrette BlountRBNE Use ADP When Drafting
42Travis KelceTEKC Use ADP When Drafting
43Tevin ColemanRBATL Use ADP When Drafting
45Eddie LacyRBSEA Use ADP When Drafting
46Thomas RawlsRBSEA Use ADP When Drafting
47Michael CrabtreeWROAK Use ADP When Drafting
48Andrew LuckQBIND Use ADP When Drafting
49Julian EdelmanWRNE Use ADP When Drafting
50Jordan ReedTEWAS Use ADP When Drafting
51Isaiah CrowellRBCLE Use ADP When Drafting
52Jeremy HillRBCIN Use ADP When Drafting
53Greg OlsenTECAR Use ADP When Drafting
54Jarvis LandryWRMIA Use ADP When Drafting
62Derek CarrQBOAK Use ADP When Drafting
55Matt RyanQBATL Use ADP When Drafting
56Doug MartinRBTB Use ADP When Drafting
61Derrick HenryRBTEN Use ADP When Drafting
57Brandon MarshallWRNYG Use ADP When Drafting
58Kelvin BenjaminWRCAR Use ADP When Drafting
59Tyler EifertTECIN Use ADP When Drafting
60Jamaal CharlesRBKC Use ADP When Drafting
63Larry FitzgeraldWRARI Use ADP When Drafting
64Bilal PowellRBNYJ Use ADP When Drafting
65Martavis BryantWRPITSLEEPER ALERT: Reaching about 5-6 picks for Bryant might be worth it in 2017. I get it, he has failed us all thus far, but he is just so talented. If he stays on the field, he could flirt with top 25 overall value. Draft in redraft and buy-low in dynasty if possible!
66Terrelle PryorWRWAS Use ADP When Drafting
67Jimmy GrahamTESEA Use ADP When Drafting
68Frank GoreRBIND Use ADP When Drafting
69Cam NewtonQBCAR Use ADP When Drafting
70Delanie WalkerTETEN Use ADP When Drafting
71Jonathan StewartRBCAR Use ADP When Drafting
72Donte MoncriefWRIND Use ADP When Drafting
73Ty MontgomeryWRGB Use ADP When Drafting
74Dak PrescottQBDAL Use ADP When Drafting
75Kenneth DixonRBBAL Use ADP When Drafting
76Emmanuel SandersWRDEN Use ADP When Drafting
77Russell WilsonQBSEA Use ADP When Drafting
78Matt ForteRBNYJ Use ADP When Drafting
79Hunter HenryTESD Use ADP When Drafting
80Rob KelleyRBWAS Use ADP When Drafting
81Golden TateWRDET Use ADP When Drafting
82Ameer AbdullahRBDET Use ADP When Drafting
83Ben RoethlisbergerQBPIT Use ADP When Drafting
84Rishard MatthewsWRTEN Use ADP When Drafting
85Paul PerkinsRBNYG Use ADP When Drafting
86Dion LewisRBNE Use ADP When Drafting
87Kyle RudolphTEMIN Use ADP When Drafting
88Kirk CousinsQBWAS Use ADP When Drafting
89Jamison CrowderWRWAS Use ADP When Drafting
90CJ ProsiseRBSEA Use ADP When Drafting
91Randall CobbWRGB Use ADP When Drafting
92Giovani BernardRBCIN Use ADP When Drafting
93DeSean JacksonWRTB Use ADP When Drafting
94Danny WoodheadRBBAL Use ADP When Drafting
95Stefon DiggsWRMIN Use ADP When Drafting
96Eric DeckerWRNYJ Use ADP When Drafting
97Kansas City DefenseDEFKC Use ADP When Drafting
98Theo RiddickRBDET Use ADP When Drafting
99Marcus MariotaQBTEN Use ADP When Drafting
100Mike GillisleeRBBUF Use ADP When Drafting
101Cameron BrateTETB Use ADP When Drafting
102Denver DefenseDEFDEN Use ADP When Drafting
103Seattle DefenseDEFSEA Use ADP When Drafting
104Jacquizz RodgersRBCHI Use ADP When Drafting
105Corey ColemanWRCLE Use ADP When Drafting
106Zach ErtzTEPHI Use ADP When Drafting
107Jameis WinstonQBTB Use ADP When Drafting
108Sterling ShepardWRNYG Use ADP When Drafting
109DeVante ParkerWRMIA Use ADP When Drafting
110Jordan MatthewsWRPHI Use ADP When Drafting
111Matthew StaffordQBDET Use ADP When Drafting
112Ryan MathewsRBPHI Use ADP When Drafting
113Houston DefenseDEFHOU Use ADP When Drafting
114Jeremy MaclinWRKC Use ADP When Drafting
115Minnesota DefenseDEFMIN Use ADP When Drafting
116Martellus BennettTEGB Use ADP When Drafting
117Willie SneadWRNO Use ADP When Drafting
118Philip RiversQBSD Use ADP When Drafting
119Chris IvoryRBJAC Use ADP When Drafting
120Eli ManningQBNYG Use ADP When Drafting
121Kevin WhiteWRCHI Use ADP When Drafting
122New England DefenseDEFNE Use ADP When Drafting
123DeAngelo WilliamsRBPIT Use ADP When Drafting
124Arizona DefenseDEFARI Use ADP When Drafting
125Devontae BookerRBDEN Use ADP When Drafting

ADP Data (fresh) + 100 Player WriteUps

smitty fantasy football advice

Ok, it’s the end of August, so it’s time to look at fresh 2016 Fantasy Football ADP Data (Average Draft Positions). These ADP Rankings were compiled using some of the best redraft ADPs in the industry, and I have included over 100 player predictions/comments.

2016 August 28th ADP Data

Updated: 8/28/16

BOLD = Amazing Value!

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ADP Data + 93 Player Predictions

smitty fantasy football advice

Ok, folks, as we head into August 1, it’s time to look at fresh 2016 Fantasy Football ADP Data (Average Draft Positions). This data was compiled using some of the best redraft ADPs in the industry, and I have included over 90 player predictions/comments.

2016 August ADP Data

Updated: 8/28/16

BOLD = Amazing Value!

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2016 ADP Data (June)

smitty fantasy football advice

Fantasy football rankings / cheat sheets are the most important thing to bring with you on draft day, no question… however, it’s almost equally important to have a fresh copy of ADP Rankings with you. Average Draft Position Rankings (ADP Data) will tell you where players are getting drafted on average, which is information that you need when on the clock, as you will avoid reaching too far for certain sleepers, and it will help you grab your ‘must own’ fantasy football players before anyone else attempts to snag them. Be prepared for your 2016 fantasy football draft!

Note: This ADP Rankings List was compiled by averaging some of the best redraft ADP Rankings on the Web.

2016 ADP Rankings (June)

Date: 6/14/2016

Want 2016 Access?

2016 Fantasy Football ADP (April)

smitty fantasy football advice

Below is an updated set of redraft and dynasty 2016 Fantasy Football ADP Data. Both are based on a PPR format and both have been compiled using some of the best Average draft Position Data in the fantasy football industry. Be sure to checkout our fantasy football rankings as well, but it’s critical to have a grasp on ADP Rankings so you know where players are getting drafted on draft day. Enjoy!

Note: This data contains trending that began in January (2016) to the present.

2016 Redraft ADP

2016 Dynasty ADP

2016 Rookie ADP

Early 2016 Fantasy Football ADP Data

2016 Fantasy Football ADP

Updated: 1/15/2016

    Round 1

  1. Antonio Brown WR PIT
  2. Adrian Peterson RB MIN
  3. Odell Beckham Jr WR NYG
  4. Todd Gurley RB STL
  5. LeVeon Bell RB PIT
  6. Julio Jones WR ATL
  7. Jamaal Charles RB KC
  8. DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU
  9. Devonta Freeman RB ATL
  10. Rob Gronkowski TE NE
  11. Allen Robinson WR JAC
  12. Dez Bryant WR DAL
  13. Round 2

  14. Jordy Nelson WR GB
  15. A.J. Green WR CIN
  16. David Johnson RB ARI
  17. Alshon Jeffery WR CHI
  18. Brandon Marshall WR NYJ
  19. Demaryius Thomas WR DEN
  20. Mike Evans WR TB
  21. Doug Martin RB TB
  22. Mark Ingram RB NO
  23. Sammy Watkins WR BUF
  24. Tom Brady QB NE
  25. LeSean McCoy RB BUF
  26. Round 3

  27. Marshawn Lynch RB SEA
  28. Jeremy Langford RB CHI
  29. Eddie Lacy RB GB
  30. Amari Cooper WR OAK
  31. Calvin Johnson WR DET
  32. Cam Newton QB CAR
  33. Matt Forte RB CHI
  34. Aaron Rodgers QB GB
  35. Lamar Miller RB MIA
  36. Julian Edelman WR NE
  37. Keenan Allen WR SD
  38. Arian Foster RB HOU
  39. Round 4

  40. Andrew Luck QB IND
  41. Latavius Murray RB OAK
  42. Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI
  43. Kelvin Benjamin WR CAR
  44. Martavis Bryant WR PIT
  45. Randall Cobb WR GB
  46. Jarvis Landry WR MIA
  47. Josh Gordon WR CLE
  48. Jeremy Hill RB CIN
  49. TJ Yeldon RB JAC
  50. Greg Olsen TE CAR
  51. Jordan Reed TE WAS
  52. Round 5

  53. DeMarco Murray RB PHI
  54. T.Y. Hilton WR IND
  55. Carlos Hyde RB SF
  56. Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT
  57. Brandin Cooks WR NO
  58. Jonathan Stewart RB CAR
  59. Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN
  60. Tyler Eifert TE CIN
  61. Chris Ivory RB NYJ
  62. Blake Bortles QB JAC
  63. Russell Wilson QB SEA
  64. Allen Hurns WR JAC
  65. Round 6

  66. Eric Decker WR NYJ
  67. Drew Brees QB NO
  68. Doug Baldwin WR SEA
  69. Michael Floyd WR ARI
  70. Carson Palmer QB ARI
  71. DeAngelo Williams RB PIT
  72. CJ Anderson RB DEN
  73. Darren McFadden RB DAL
  74. Travis Kelce TE KC
  75. Jeremy Maclin WR KC
  76. Matt Jones RB WAS
  77. Justin Forsett RB BAL
  78. Round 7

  79. Julius Thomas TE JAC
  80. Delanie Walker TE TEN
  81. Antonio Gates TE SD
  82. Golden Tate WR DET
  83. Giovani Bernard RB CIN
  84. Dion Lewis RB NE
  85. DeSean Jackson WR WAS
  86. Frank Gore RB IND
  87. Melvin Gordon RB SD
  88. Ameer Abdullah RB DET
  89. Karlos Williams RB BUF
  90. John Brown WR ARI
  91. Round 8

  92. Kirk Cousins QB WAS
  93. Jordan Matthews WR PHI
  94. Malcom Floyd WR SD
  95. Danny Woodhead RB SD
  96. Arizona Defense DEF ARI
  97. Javorius Allen RB BAL
  98. Seattle Defense DEF SEA
  99. Donte Moncrief WR IND
  100. Philip Rivers QB SD
  101. Andy Dalton QB CIN
  102. Kevin White WR CHI
  103. Jay Ajayi RB MIA
  104. Round 9

  105. Zach Ertz TE PHI
  106. Michael Crabtree WR OAK
  107. Bilal Powell RB NYJ
  108. Steve Smith WR BAL
  109. Tyler Lockett WR SEA
  110. Duke Johnson RB CLE
  111. Derek Carr QB OAK
  112. Denver Defense DEF DEN
  113. Jimmy Graham TE SEA
  114. Eli Manning QB NYG
  115. Tony Romo QB DAL
  116. Carolina Defense DEF CAR
  117. Round 10

  118. Breshad Perriman WR BAL
  119. Dorial Green-Beckham WR TEN
  120. Cameron Artis-Payne RB CAR
  121. Stephen Gostkowski PK NE
  122. Roddy White WR ATL
  123. Rashad Jennings RB NYG
  124. Chris Johnson RB ARI
  125. Matt Ryan QB ATL
  126. NY Jets Defense DEF NYJ
  127. Ryan Mathews RB PHI
  128. David Cobb RB TEN
  129. LeGarrette Blount RB NE
  130. Round 11

  131. Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE TB
  132. Stefon Diggs WR MIN
  133. Alfred Morris RB WAS
  134. Kansas City Defense DEF
  135. DeVante Parker WR MIA
  136. Travis Benjamin WR CLE
  137. Houston Defense DEF HOU
  138. Tavon Austin WR STL
  139. Marcus Mariota QB TEN
  140. Matthew Stafford QB DET
  141. Martellus Bennett TE CHI
  142. Round 12

  143. Darren Sproles RB PHI
  144. Benjamin Watson TE NO
  145. Jonas Gray RB NE
  146. Ronnie Hillman RB DEN
  147. Ted Ginn Jr WR ARI
  148. Tevin Coleman RB ATL
  149. James Jones WR OAK
  150. Vincent Jackson WR TB
  151. New England Defense DEF NE
  152. Jameis Winston QB TB
  153. Tim Hightower RB NO
  154. Blake Bell TE SF
  155. Round 13

  156. Isaiah Crowell RB CLE
  157. Owen Daniels TE DEN
  158. Tyrod Taylor QB BUF
  159. St. Louis Defense DEF STL
  160. Jason Witten TE DAL
  161. Jerick McKinnon RB MIN

It’s the middle of January, 2016, however, that won’t stop us from publishing our first 2016 Average Draft Position (ADP) data. The below ADP List was compiled using some of the top fantasy football ADP sources in the industry.

Note: this ADP is redraft.

smitty fantasy football advice

I noticed, at a glance, a few big-time steals.

Devonta Freeman at 1.09 is low-risk if you ask me, as he still has top 1-4RB upside heading into 2016.

David Johnson at the 2.03 range seems like a bargain given that he has top 4-6RB appeal in 2016. Now, he’d have some risk if you had to draft him, or trade for him at top 4-6RB value, so this is great news. I imagine his value will only climb as the 2016 off-season (and the current NFL post-season) moves along.

Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Blake Bortles and Russell Wilson all appear to be set for draft slots outside of the top 30 overall, which is fantastic news, as any one of those QBs can be the No. 1 overall scorer in fantasy football in 2016. That said, Kirk Cousins in the 8th-round is shockingly-low. And, Drew Brees falling into the 6th-round? Where to take a fantasy QB will be a hot topic in the coming months, something we will absolutely address.

Josh Gordon in the late 4th-round is awesome value, even though he was much, much cheaper weeks ago.

Two monster steals: DeMarco Murray in the 5th-round and Jordan Matthews in the 8th-round! Folks, Matthews is a HUGE, HUGE sleeper anywhere near 7th- to 8th-round value. Mark it down!

Look for more 2016 fantasy football Breakouts and Sleepers in coming articles, we’re going crank out tons of stuff on breakouts and sleepers in the coming months!