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Ok, so the off-season is a bit dry here and there, as it takes NFL news and updates to shuffle things around rankings-wise in the fantasy football world. Well, the 2017 NFL Draft is upon us, and it’s time to not only announce that all of our 2017 Fantasy Football Rankings are updated as of today, but we have now hit that time of year where you’re going to see updates almost daily, but at least weekly in cases where not much changes. Here are your current 2017 Rankings, folks… enjoy:

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Our Rankings Cheat Sheets are deep, and they are interactive. What other site offers both Drag and Drop options and Redline options so that you can mark of drafted players? Check out our Demo Video right on this page, it will give you one heck of a tour!

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2017 Rookie Rankings… our Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook Rankings crazy?

WAIT! You have TWO simple options.

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Welcome to SleeperU 2017!

smitty fantasy football advice

Folks, welcome to SleeperU 2017!

Content will be dripped out all day, but expect to see the 2017 content by 4-5pm EST! Get ready!

Content Coming Today: Fantasy Football Rankings 2017, Bold Predictions by Smitty for 2017, 2017 Full-Season Fantasy FootballProjections, it’s all going to be rolling in shortly!

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