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  • Northwoods
    Where does Tarik Cohen place in your Dynasty RB rankings? 
    September 10
  • Iceman
    Smitty, I'm locked out of the homepage for some reason am not getting the unlock e-mail
    August 19
  • hey smitty i got logged out and now can reset my password...can u help me with a new password plz
    August 10
  • Smitty, 

    How the hell are you doing.

    Are you saying to obtain both Freeman and Coleman and start them both every week? I have Coleman everywhere, so I would need to lurk on Freeman. 
    August 2
  • You just had to keep climbing Perine, didn't you?  Killing me, Smitty....killing me.  I've been biting my lip all year since I play with SleeperU-ers, but what most don't know about Samaje is just how smart he is and the work ethic he has.  He's from my home town, and I don't know if smarts and work ethic is enough to make up for certain non-attributes (break-away speed), but this guy is one of the classiest kids I've ever seen.  He went to the same school as Daje Johnson (two years older, more highly recruited - crazy fast), but I knew when he was as sophomore (and Daje a senior) that he was the one to watch.  Incredible work ethic, straight A student, went to school early to tutor (even though he was a straight A student), and as humble as the day is long (truly humble).  Basically the exact opposite of Daje (who battled with suspensions and turmoil his whole career at UT....quite the waste).  Anyway, thanks for nothing, damn it.....(I did mention one time that "Mixon isn't even the RB I like most on his own team"....but that was the most I alluded to Samaje....was hoping to get him early 2nd in most of my drafts....flibbityjibbits!  LOL
    March 30
  • Smitty, how you doing buddy. I still have to use the printable version on the redraft and dynasty rankings, no big deal but I do have one small request, could you put a date on them so I know when they have been updated, like on the rookies.
    February 28
  • Smitty, I paid my fee for my membership this morning (2017) I cant see redaft and dynasty  rankings.
    February 5
  • Erick
    Hey there Smitty, how do I purchase WTCM an all access subscription?
    January 17
  • Is trading A.Robinson for Jeffery, Booker and a 2nd worth it with Robinson's brutal playoff schedule
    October 2016
  • Smitty I messaged you but still can't get into the membership login. Can u change both password to the same thing please...Boltisfast1 
    August 2016
  • I'm still locked out. Can u change the password to Boltisfast1 for me please. And un block me as well ;)
    August 2016
  • thanks man and sorry about this happening again. Set both to Boltisfast1 please and thx
    August 2016
  • Kookaburra
    Good move closing the thread. You may want to close the "long term owner" thread also. MHM has taken enough heat. Thanks
    May 2016
  • Kookaburra
    Smitty, I couldn't find Travis Benjamin in the rankings. Where would you place him?
    May 2016
  • chuckeycharles
    Sent you a trade or draft question
    May 2016
  • When are you going to teach me how to be a leader, and actually contribute from my research?  I feel like I'm a psychic, or totally absurd.
    May 2016
    • Scorp
      Post script... O.K. I'm a psycho, but I'm learning new tricks. Still wet behind the ears and grasping the concept of a "sleeper". What would it take to put those "sleepers" to the test? Love the new name on the website, this is what it's always been about!