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DT- offseason Buy

Rumor out of camp is that DT looks better than ever. Tearing up the No-Fly Zone in practice. Suffered a hip injury last year week 1 & played through it all year. Healthy again, O-coordinator Mike McCoy is back. O-line has to be improved. Best value buy of the off season if you can get him for a good price.


  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 3,989
    You must be up that price!
  • OdellBeckhamSrOdellBeckhamSr Posts: 2,706
    Nope- not selling. Just thought I'd give u Gerry's some free advice.
  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 3,989
    Na...I was a seller this my deal to get D.Hopkins as my wr3
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