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New owners wanted for Stacked Rosters!

DonDon Posts: 5,344
I’m the commish of a forum league that lost 4 owners this year, a couple unfortunately to health reasons. These teams have absolutely loaded rosters and a dispersal draft will be scheduled. It’s an active league starting year 2. 25 cookies. Superflex PPR. Please message me if interested.

QB- R.Wilson, J.Goff, K.Cousins, M.Trubisky, T.Brady, M.Stafford, P.Rivers, B.Rothelisberger, A.Dalton, R.Tannehill, E.Manning, C.Keenum, C.J.Beathard, T.Bridgewater

RB- C.Mcaffrey, L.Bell, E.Elliot, D.Johnson, D.Cook, M.Mack, S.Michel, J.White, J.Howard, M.Ingram, M.Bredia, J.Mckinnon, D.Williams, C.Carson, J.Williams, A.Ekeler, C.Thompson, G.Edwards, D.Lewis, D.Johnson, E.Mcguire, J.Wilkins, S.Ware, R.Burkhead, J.Allen, P.Barber, K.Dixon, J.Richard, S.Perine, D.Booker, C.Clement, C.Ivory, W.Smallwood

WR- D.Hopkins, K.Allen, A.Thielen, T.Hill, S.Diggs, B.Cooks, J.Landry, W.Fuller, R.Woods, J.Edelman, D.Baldwin, L.Fitzgearld, S.Watkins, C.Godwin, C.Ridley, D.Thomas, D.Funchess, M.Gallup, J.Brown, T.Smith, A.Calaway, J.Crowder, T.Taylor, D.Jackson, J.Doctson, K.Stills, A.Wilson, C.Meredith, Ty.Williams, Ter.Williams, C.Beasely, W.Snead, M.Wallace, Z.Jones, D.Amendola

TE- Z.Ertz, E.Ebron, J.Cook, K.Rudolph, D.Walker, J.Smith, A.S.Jenkins, C.Herndon, G.Swaim

K- G.Zuerlein, S.Gostowski, M.Crosby, W.Lutz, A.Vinatieri


2019 1.4, 1.5, 2.4, 2.5, 3.2, 3.5, 3.6, 3.8, 4.4, 4.5, 4.9
2020 1,1,1, 2,2,2, 3,3,3,3, 4,4,4,4


  • DonDon Posts: 5,344
    Teams are actually requesting to drop out and join the dispersal draft because this player pool is so amazing. But it's for y'all only. Step right up!
  • DonDon Posts: 5,344
    3 spots filled 1 remaining!
  • Hawk12Hawk12 Posts: 3,473
    fill that last spot - I drafted poorly last year as I was traveling for work and drafting from planes and rental car at rest stops.... I've asked several times to dump my team and join the dispersal draft, as I have a weaker team than the entire dispersal draft teams will have...

    Fill that last spot, so I can trade you my best players for draft picks so I can rebuild
  • DonDon Posts: 5,344
    C’mon guys step right up. Need one more to go the dispersal draft going. I know someone out there has a drafting itch to scratch!
  • sludgejudgesludgejudge Posts: 710
    So tempted but I’m in too many leagues already... nice player pool
  • JKnighton_9JKnighton_9 Posts: 188
    Let’s go.. fill it
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