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Trade Antonio Brown for Derrick Henry and Stefon Diggs?

In my 14 team, 0.5 PPR keeper league, I've been considering moving AB now that there's a good chance he moves on from the Steelers.

we start 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

Always looking to add RB depth in this league. I currently have Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, Rashard Penny, Jamaal Williams and Gus Edwards)

My other WRs are Larry Fitzgerald, Will Fuller and DJ Moore.

Are Henry and Diggs enought for Brown?

Team 1 - 14 team (12 keeper), no ppr

Team 2 - 12 team (8 keeper), ppr w/superflex
WR-AJ Green,Hopkins,DeSean,V.Cruz,S.Johnson


  • PDTDTPDTDT Posts: 596
    I'd want more...maybe a pick, but waiting to see landing spot may be prudent
    Cousins, Dalton
    DJohnson, DCook, JHoward
    AJGreen, DHop, SDiggs
  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 1,878
    edited January 13
    PDTDT said:

    I'd want more...maybe a pick, but waiting to see landing spot may be prudent

    Assuming AB is really on the way out, a trade prior to his next landing spot may be the best way to get value. He's a great talent, but an older WR and if he lands on a dumpster fire offense his overall value will plummet, IMO.

    EDIT: I agree though, I would want a pick as well.... even if it's swapping and upgrading one of yours.
  • I would rather keep AB, but that's personal choice because I'm not a huge fan of Diggs and Henry. In general though, it's decent value but as stated above - you could get a bit more.

  • Hawk12Hawk12 Posts: 3,473
    I think you'd need Diggs and Henry to both play well and Diggs not getting hurt for a few years to make this worth it.... Adding a 1st maybe, or upgrading your 2nd to a 1st I'd fell better.
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