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Chester Rogers Week 6

Targets Targets equals Points.
He has took TY Hilton's Spot. Is Chester an immediate WR2 Start over: Standard League
Stills vs Chi
Cobb GTD vs SF
Kirk @ Minny


  • Not at all automatic. He's been getting a ton of targets but:

    1. The Colts have played in comeback mode or overtime for the past two weeks. I haven't looked it up, but I think Luck is averaging 55 attempts in those games. He looks to the tight ends more than anyone, especially the end zone.
    2. He drops everything. Maybe not everything, but everything that matters. Eventually he's got to lose the team's trust.
    3. He always tries to make the big play. This might actually be good in fantasy, but it's frustrating as a fan watching your wife receiver run thirty horizontal yards inside of fall forward for the first down.

    Cobb is the best play, but I don't think you can wait to find out if he plays. The other three guys are a toss up because of matchups, but I'd probably rank Chester last of the three.
  • OCV18OCV18 Posts: 248
    Thhanks for your Post I have Scantling as Cobbs Handcuff
  • I'd go Cobb/MVS, but I also am horrible at lineup decisions. None of those guys are obvious starts so go with your gut.
  • None of those guys are obvious starts so go with your gut.

    Agree with this, go with your gut. If forced to decide, I would go with Kirk. Tannehill will get crushed by K Mack and won't have enough time to throw the ball.

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