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Norv Turner with Cam Newton

emurrell17emurrell17 Posts: 3,041
edited January 11 in Bold Predictions
As a panthers fan idk how I feel yet. I always thought he did a good job back in the day but most people seem to think the game passed him by.

What do you guys think will happen with that?

Edit: I don't mean his effect on Cam's fantasy value--I just mean how do you think the offense will do in general? How good of a fit do you see it being?


  • SmittySmitty Posts: 6,596
    I think things could be good in this situation fantasy wise.
    - Smitty
  • MVPMVP Posts: 292
    There are two coaches that change the landscape of teams for the better. On the defensive side there's Wade Phillips, and on the offensive, there's Norv Turner. Turner might not make Cam into the #1 fantasy option again, but the team should rebound with the young weapons they got. I predict the team to average over 25 points a game. (With everyone healthy that is) That should equate to being a top 10 offence and 3 points more than this years 22.9
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