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To trade McCaffrey or...

I have McCaffrey in a 12 team .3/.6/.9 ppr league.
I've been offered QB D WATSON, WR GOLLODAY & the 1.10, 2.2 and 2.10.
I have Carr for my QB now. I certainly live Watson's upside. I still like Golloday too.


  • Hawk12 Posts: 2,656
    who else do you have on your team (need to know depth basically), and what are your starting reqs?   That'll help to figure out if you can afford to lose a good RB for a great QB and a hopeful WR.

    Who is your other QB also?

    WHile I like C Mac, Watson looked really special and has beena winner everywhere he's ever played.  That goes a long way to being good in the NFL for a long time.   He looks the part of a dynasty QB for a decade & that is something to not take too lightly.
     Golladay has shown flashes for sure and seems to have all the physical tools needed.

    C Mac looked pretty good and Carolina was not an explosive offense this year, they may look different next year with a new OC.    

    Tough call with out knowing who else you have a RB behind C Mac for me.
  • Ipkiss Posts: 372
    My team

    D Carr
    J Brissett (R)

    D Johnson
    L Miller
    C McCaffrey
    D Freeman
    D'Angelo Henderson (R)
    J Williams

    M Evans
    D Hopkins
    M Goodwin(R)
    J Brown (R)
    K Stills (R)
    D Thompson

    O.J. Howard
    E Ebron (R)
    T Burton

    D Washington
    A Hurns (R)
    M Gillislee(R)
  • Hawk12 Posts: 2,656
    and if this was straight 1 ppr, no way would I do this, but at .3 PPR for RBs, yeah this trade is on the table for me to take a good look at
  • Ipkiss Posts: 372
    Start 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 FLEX
  • Ipkiss Posts: 372
    RBs are .6 ppr
  • Hawk12 Posts: 2,656
    yeah with DJ, Lamar Miller and Freeman sticking around, and your WR3 being a weak spot, and your back up QB being a fill in guy for his team?  

    Yeah I think you ask for a 2nd round pick and see if he takes the counter.  If you like it as is I could you accepting that trade as is too.  You are upgrading at 2 spots and adding depth to your starting lineup with Golladay  who'll prob be your WR3.

    I might be out on an island here, but that's what I think.

    For comparison, what did Lamar score on the season vs. CMac?  - - Closer than 1st impression I bet.  Cmac didn't have a lot of rushing yards...   What did Watson score over Carr?   should be a big difference in your favor there alone, plus the upside of Golladay.

    Yeah I like this more with you lineup than prob most teams giving up CMac
  • Ipkiss Posts: 372
    Thanks @Hawk12 . The other team is pretty weak and has a new owner. Those 3 picks are his top 3 picks until the 3rd round. The only other player of any value i have interest in is Jarvis Landry.
    Your thoughts are what I was thinking too. I traded Gurley in both of my dynasty leagues before this past year do I'm a little gun shy of trading a solid young RB.
  • IcemanIceman Posts: 2,876
    Nice breakdown of the trade by @Hawk12 and think that is spot on. That would be a nice trade for you @Ipkiss.
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 2,469
    Agree with the guys i like the trade for you. Good luck
    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
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  • With your roster - DEFINITELY make that trade!

  • CoolHand Posts: 5,491
    Now that makes sense!! One heck of a breakdown Hawk!!
  • OdellBeckhamSrOdellBeckhamSr Posts: 2,206
    I would take that. Your getting the picks right?

    You might be able to deal Carr for something nice too.
  • Ipkiss Posts: 372
    I did the deal. And yep I get those 3 picks. Thanks everyone!!
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