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Russell Wilson is he the problem?

They just fired Bevell as the offensive coordinator because of his failure to steer the Seattle ship forward after so many years. Doug Baldwin has complained about not getting the ball enough so is it the play calling or is it Wilson the problem? Is it that Wilson has taken upon himself to improvise at will and not follow the playbook which has led to them losing? Or is it more that the offensive line sucks and Wilson has no choice but to improvise because the plays are a bust right off the bat because he has to run for his life? No running game either says to me it's more the offensive line then anything else. So maybe getting a new offensive coordinator and fixing the problem on the O line first will tell tail of what the true problem really is. NYG are in the same boat with the O line problems and is proof that you can't do much when your QB has no time to go thru his reads. The difference is Wilson can run and make something out of nothing compared to Eli who has two left feet and has little to throw to. I'm hoping very much is this up coming draft that we see a lot of teams focus on fixing these O line problems first then to make a fan favourite pick because it's more popular as a PR move.
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  • It’s definitely the o-line issues!

  • Baldwin's targets did drop off considerably in the last 8 games. But, I am inclined to agree with Guinness
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    It’s definitely the o-line issues!
    Yep, no o-line means Wilson has to scramble and change the game plan. Their run game use to be top notch. Not anymore. 
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    Seattle has been hamgstung by heavy contracts on the D side of the ball since their SBs.... thye have way overpaid on defense and ca't afford and talent on offense, and the o-line is weakened badly.  The RB situation is one of the worst in quite a long time, like NYGs bad Rbs in Seattle right now, behind a bad o-line. 

    They had no hope of being a good offense, and Baldwin was really the only weapon of note, so I;m sure he got heavy coverage and that is why he didn't get targeted.... its easy to stop a team with one good weapon for most solid Ds, and the NFC West has some very good defenses right now.

    Russell Wilson is the only thing that kept them even decent on offense, he carried the load behind a bad line and no running game support.

    SO yeah, this is kinda on the offensive coordinator to not be more creative to find way to loosen up Baldwins standard routes and line ups.  But to be fair, its hard to make a brick with bad clay and no fire... 

    Le Legion of Boom/Doom - what ever they call themselves has hurt the teams ability to get any decent talent on offense with the heavy contracts.  Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, Kam Chancelor, KJ Wright, Cliff Avril are all seriously paid and at the very high end of their positions.... that is 61M of the 164M the entire team will spend in 2018 - that is 6 Defensive players, with 2 of them being hurt - getting 37% of the teams paychecks.....

    How the hell do you pay anyone on offense with those numbers, oh yeah Russell Wilson is getting 23M in 2018 against the cap too - so between Russell and the defensive studs taking home 84+MM  the rest of the team's (53-7= 46) players had the other 80M to go around... 

    That does not leave much room to get any good players/talent in this off-season either.  Seattle is DONE and the birds are cooked unless that D can be the very best D once again and hold teams to under 9 points a game the entire year....    You heard it here first, do NOT DRAFT any Seahawks other than Russell Wilson in 2018 unless you play IDP

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    Tom Cable has been fired. Hope is alive. 
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