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rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 2,433
First off I have no dog/dawg in this fight.
Secondly, I really don't watch many college games but figured what the heck I'd take a peek at the "Big Game" last night.

All I can say is make sure the checks going to the officials from Alabama don't bounce - the officiating was atrocious.
Also, Nick Saban your team has an awful lot of undisciplined action going on for being the "jewel" of the league.

I'll jump on the UCF bandwagon and watch a game or two next year to see what happens.

Go Bucs - yeah I know they probably would of lost last night too. 

;;) :D
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  • chuckeycharleschuckeycharles Posts: 3,321
    edited January 9
    They sure missed that one call on the sidelines where the receiver's foot clearly was out of bounds by something like the whole length of his shoe.

    Then the commentators said something about him being forced out as if that would justify the additional yardage?
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