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Old but good post: "Holding up DraftCalc signs" contest


  • Always great to see!

  • SmittySmitty Posts: 6,187

    - Smitty
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 6,187
    GuinnessIsGoodForYou I posted the photos here too now. 
    - Smitty
  • chuckeycharleschuckeycharles Posts: 3,979
    10 Team Dynasty - All TDs = 6 / PassingYd = .04 / Rushing-ReceivingYd = .10 / No-PPR No Bonus / QB-RB-RB/WR-WR-WR/TE-TE-DST-K
    QB - Wilson, Luck, Carr / RB - Zeke, Bell, DJ, Kamara, D.Cook, L.Miller, D.Foreman, Lynch, AP
    WR - Hopkins, AJG, M.Thomas, R. Anderson, Hurns, Godwin, M.Williams, Tyrell Williams / TE - Gronk, Howard, Brate, R.Seals-Jones
    DST - Ravens, Vikings / K - Lutz
    12 Team Dynasty - TDs = 4-6 / PassingYd 25=1 / Rushing-ReceivingYd 10=1 / PPR / Bonus 3 at 300-100 / QB-2RB-3WR-1TE-1FlexRWT-DST-K
    QB - Cousins, Eli, Trubiski, Darnold, Brissett / RB - DJ, Ingram, K.Johnson, Crowell, JamaalWilliams, A.Jones, Prosise, Davis
    WR - Hopkins, K.Allen, Baldwin, Parker, Hurns, Westbrook, Cole, R.Matthews, Curtis, JMoore / TE - Gronk, Walker, Gesicki, Hurst, Kroft
    DST - Steelers / K - Lutz
  • GuinnessIsGoodForYouGuinnessIsGoodForYou Posts: 5,596
    edited January 3
    GuinnessIsGoodForYou I posted the photos here too now. 

    I meant that’s it’s always great seeing them. I won about 3 years ago with my Eiffel Tower at night picture.

  • SmittySmitty Posts: 6,187
    Oh I knew you meant that
    - Smitty
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 2,819

    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
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  • wh0urdadywh0urdady Posts: 2,583
    A lot of good stuff
    QB: Prescott, Bortles
    RB: Ajayi, Mixon, Hunt, Coleman, Cohen, Ware, Joe Williams, Breida
    WR: Julio, M Thomas, DT, Crabtree, Agholor, Golladay
    TE: Gronk, Rudy, ASJ, Kittle
    DST: LA Rams

    D Fountain
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