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D. Funchess vs. Xavier Rhodes. Bench your Stud?

NoPepper Posts: 5
edited December 2017 in Start Bench Advice
Need some WR opinions for my PPR Playoff:
I have Thielen and Julio in, and need a third.  I hate to sit Funchess, but I watched X Rhodes completely shut down Julio last week. 

Available Options: M. Goodwin, C. Kupp, S. Watkins and K. Stills (if my waiver wire slot allows it)



  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 2,459
    I actually like like Goodwin out of that group
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  • Thanks Rabid. I just do not want to outsmart myself

  • Kito31 Posts: 215
    Agree with Rabid here. Goodwin.
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  • george Posts: 251
    No way I'd sit Funchess
  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 1,161
    I think I'd still roll with Funchess but Goodwin is a pretty solid option this week. Seems to have some pretty good rapport with Jimmy and a decent match up.
  • I like Goodwin too
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  • Stick with Funchess.
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  • TheDude Posts: 992
    With Funchess in you have two bust or boom receivers. I think I would roll with Goodwin against the HOU D

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