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Which QB this week?

My head says go with Rivers, my guts says Dak is going to have a big game.

Rivers vs Washington
Dak @ Giants


  • CoolHand Posts: 5,418
    Rivers for me but I can see Dak having a decent game too
  • serad85 Posts: 401

  • Rivers
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    serad85 said:



  • Watch the weather in NY
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
  • Rivers
    Thad Castle:
    "He was a receiver and he was in my zone. Anybody who comes into my zone, gets laid out. That's what I do! I LAY PEOPLE OUT!"
    Updated 12.6.17 - My Yahoo! Standard Dynasty (Keep 2) League TeamQB: A. Smith, A. Rodgers - WR: D. Hopkins, M. Jones Jr., S. Shepard, J. Smith-Schuster - RB: E. Elliott, A. Collins, A. Kamara, D. Lewis, J. Williams - TE: C. Brate, R. Gronkowski, K: - DEF - New England - IRO. Beckham Jr.
  • Rivers
    QB - DakPrescott*
    RB - AdrianPeterson/DevonteFreeman/DannyWoodhead/SpencerWare*/TJYeldon*/TevinColeman*/JerickMckinnon*
    WR - KeenanAllen/LarryFitzgerald/MohamedSanu/KamarAiken*
    TE - JaredCook*
    K - (SCOTT STERLING) aka bold move aka empty
    DEF - Houston

    * - possible keeper value next year
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    A River runs through it 

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