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Which RB

Dion Lewis @ Mia
Howard @ Cin

Lewis safe play but Burkhead limits his upside. Kind of have feeling Howard bounces back this week but who would you start


  • Kito31 Posts: 215
    Sad to say, but Lewis for me.
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  • Howard

  • george Posts: 251
  • Howard
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  • serad85 Posts: 401
  • Lewis.. no gronk, those backs will be leaned on more
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  • Yeah gonna stick with Lewis. I think Howard could have decent game but also enjoy my players on prime time. Hopefully Lewis can run in a long TD this time
  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 2,459
    Good luck.

    coin toss for me
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  • boobam13boobam13 Posts: 1,799
    Think I go Lewis - Bears IR Long so their line is even worse 
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