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Luck officially on IR - out for 2017

Like someone said earlier - I'm sure tge front office new all along, but wouldn't say anything intil they sold a majority of their tickets!


  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 6,690
    Finally.... now can move him to an IR spot!!
  • I took the Colts going into the season with Tolzein as a sign that Luck would only miss 2-3 games.

    Obviously that changed quickly, but no matter how you look at it, this was handled horribly by the front office.
  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,333
  • DonDon Posts: 5,323
    Luck needs to leave this organization yesterday
  • Agreed - it would actually be better for the Colts as well.  They don't have the surrounding talent to take advantage of Luck, so they may as well trade him for multiple high picks to someone who is a QB short of the playoffs.

  • No one team has enough picks for luck's worth.
  • DAXDAX Posts: 1,298
    Luck hasn't done shit for 2 years and there's no guarantee he'll ever be right. No team will part with too much for him and his ginormous contract.
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