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Jordan Mathews thoughts????

So last week i picked up Mike Williams for a stash but after looking at his schedule the next five weeks (@Den, NE, Bye, @JAx, Buff )
That is one BRUTAL stretch. That being said, I dropped him and scooped up Mathews. What do you guys expect from him??? 

Buffalo has one of the easiest schedules i have seen going forward for wr's. . Oak, Jets,@Chargers @KC, NO, Pats and Miami twice 

No Charles Clay (could be out for longer then expected) and Say Jones has under performed to say the least. 

I need him as wr 2 over Cooper or Amendola or start as flex over Kamara or Mack if Cooper can come alive at some point. 

60 yards and a td should be within his grasp with a lot of these matchups.

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