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Waiver pickup amount

CarmackjwCarmackjw Posts: 3
edited October 2017 in Redraft Only
14 team league (I have D Freeman, T coleman, Zeke, Morris, D Henry at RB

Each team has $100 each for waiver pickups throughout the season. I have $60 remaining. Is $35 too much or not enough for Darkwa NYG RB

***after exhausting all $100, thus a balance of $0, owners are required to wait until waivers process, at which time players are available to pickup for free via "free agency" until games lock.

I'd be picking up Darkwa with the intentions to trade for a buy low wr since wr is killing me (cooks & tate). Or should I just avoid Darkwa and pickup Ju-Ju or Josh Gordon?


  • I would rather have Darkwa over Juju or Gordon.

  • Darkwa is the better option.
  • swampiesswampies Posts: 2,890
    Darkwa is the better option.

    I love Juju but you will get better production out of Darkwa right now.
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