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Corey Davis ROS

He’s on the WW in my 2QB PPR keeper he an obvious add over guys like K Benjamin, D Baldwin, Fuller, Martavis, Bortles, DeVante Parker, Cohen and Marshawn Lynch


  • mase12fanmase12fan Posts: 584
    I'd definitely add him but wouldn't want to cut any of those guys. Maybe move fuller and Cohen for an upgrade
  • How are all these players available?!?
    12 Team PPR Dynasty
    QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, Flex RB/WR/TE

    Wentz, A Smith, Eli
    L Bell, M Lynch, M Ingram, D Cook, C Carson, D Henderson
    A Brown, C Davis, T Hill, J Gordon, J Doctson, C Kupp, B Miller
    Kelce, Gronkowski, Brate
    1.6, 2.5 Rookie Picks

  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 7,949

    How are all these players available?!?

    That was my first question.
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  • They're available on his bench.
  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,212
    Davis is out again this week.. and then BYE week next week.. I can’t believe it actually. Longest hamstring injury I’ve seen in a few years.

    I think he explodes second half of season though.
  • Remember how long OBJ was out to start his career? I'm trying to buy low on Davis in the next 2 weeks.

  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,212

    Remember how long OBJ was out to start his career? I'm trying to buy low on Davis in the next 2 weeks.

    This is the exact person I was thinking of when comparing.. I really see Mariota feeding him, he’s a much better talent than Rishard and Decker. He could really take off.
  • redzoneriesredzoneries Posts: 3,085
    Hold up. Doug Baldwin and Kelvin are on the waiver???!!!
  • How many players can be kept and would Cory Davis be one of them?

    If you don't plan on keeping Davis then pick up Baldwin or Fuller or Benjamin.
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    10 Team Limited Keeper (2 or 3)  10 Team Dynasty
    QB - R,Wilson QB - Luck, R.Wilson, D.Carr, Foles
    RB - Zeke, Gordon, Fournette, Lynch, D.Cook, A.Jones, Mack, Foreman, Carson, Booker,
    RB - Zeke, David Johnson, L.Bell, Kamara, AP, Foreman, Lynch, A.Jones,            P.Barber, Clement E. McGuire P.Barber, Clement
    WR - M.Thomas WR - Hopkins, AJG, M.Thomas, B.Cooks, M.Williams, Godwin, A.Hurns
    TE - NONE (off season) TE - Gronk, OJ Howard, Brate, R.Seals-Jones
    DST - Ravens   DST - Ravens, Vikings
    K - None (off season)    K - Lutz
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  • TheDude Posts: 1,056
    How many keepers? Do you need to cut someone to claim Davis? I think we are about to see some really good work out of Davis. It's been a long time with this hamstring injury. I think we'll see him week 8. Just in time to make a run for the playoffs...

  • G_MenG_Men Posts: 2,212
    Week 8 he’s on BYE lol.. maybe week 9..
  • TheDude Posts: 1,056
    G_Men said:

    Week 8 he’s on BYE lol.. maybe week 9..


  • Need more info.  I would want Baldwin & Davis. Who do you need to cut to make that happen?
  • To answer some questions.....yes, these players are all on the WW. It’s a 10 team league with 4 bench spots. One of those bench spots must be a rookie. If you do not play that rookie, they are eligible to be a keeper the following year(i.e. I have not played Kamara yet so I can keep him). Short benches make for lots of options on the wire. I was attempting to add Benjamin and Baldwin but I was low on WW priority. My team is:(remember it’s a 2 QB PPR)
    QB- Winston, R Wilson, Hundley
    RB- Dalvin, Kamara, Ingram, Foreman, Mack and Tevin Coleman.
    WR- Julio and Tyreek
    TE- Ertz

    I may need Hundley if Jameis doesn’t play.....aside from him, would you guys drop any of these other guys for Fuller or Corey Davis(who would be eligible as a free rookie keeper)?

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