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Any real stock market playas?

SmittySmitty Posts: 5,338
WDDD is a sleeper stock.. Worlds is a company that owns some tech but also has some patents around online gaming and it’s the kinda stock that could go from its current $0.03 to $1.00 or more. It could drop to $0.01 too though.

I’m no expert in stocks but I see some upside here. It’s very up and down as big investors jump in and out based on trial delays which can have it drop to $0.01, but news that’s good can vault it too. Just know it’s a long term hold until/if it pops on the patent stuff.
- Smitty


  • SMFFCNSMFFCN Posts: 1,130
    I'll check them out. I got very lucky many years ago with Apple back when they were around $12.54 or so a share but I haven't dabbled in the market much beyond that (stick to Roth IRAs and what not). 
  • Hawk12 Posts: 2,324
    I used to play stocks in my younger days, mostly stick to Roth IRAs and more stable plans now as I'm getting closer to 50...    I have won and lost on wild cards like this many times over, as I've aged I invest way more carefully now, at least I hope..... 

    I have a gold mining company shares at about 0.04 (and I mean thousands and thousands of shares, so potential is there - they own land with good gold on it, bought the mining resources, have all the equipment needed, and gold prices dropped and they have not mined a damn thing in over  2 years).  That is an example of having a couple thousand bucks on a gamble stock that is not a "hold" until they mine and produce gold, which might be a few decades...  Or until they belly up, but maybe one day this gamble pays off

    I also bought heavy into the internet penny stock around 1992-8, and I mean bought up everything that was dirt cheap hoping one or two would've hit big.   Funny as back then they sent you paper stock certificates, I could wall paper a room with garbage out of business stock certs, like a whole room..... 

    But one did hit really big, and split like 5-8 times, and go to $100+/share and I made back piles of money that set me up with one lucky lightning strikes stock called Yahoo....yes Yahoo made me a couple hundred thousand by taking a risk at something like $10 a share and and buying a couple thousand shares, went to way over $120ish if I recall and after spillting a bunch I had an pile of money and sold to buy my 1st house and a rental property.... Got super duper lucky as that was about a year before the bubble burst and I was out with my money in real estate.  I got more lucky than good and could've lost everything, I think I put in like 25k in all kinda of useless internet stocks hoping I had a few winners..... 

    Seriously, pure luck and I thought I had 20-30 winners and sold only 3 for anything near where I paid for them.  Had Yahoo missed, I woulda given away 25k or so of my hard earned money..... 
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 5,338
    WDDD is up 19% this morning (it can go up and down a bunch though)
    - Smitty
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 5,338
    Back down to +3% lol it’s up and Down like I said
    - Smitty
  • Hawk12 Posts: 2,324
    hang on for a wild ride.... I looked at it, and it will be volatile, and that is how a bunch of pros and a few friends make some serious money' riding the upswing and sitting out the downswings.   Its a lot of metrics and serious time watching trade volumes as much as pricing from what a close friend tells me.  The volume changes by the second can indicate a large movement of stock from a pro and it tells him when to buy/sell..   

    I don't know any more, I spend my spare time on here and other forums relaxing my mind instead of stressing it anymore
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