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McCoy/Bennett or Gronk/Lynch

10 team Ppr Start Qb, 2 Rb, 2Wr, Flex Wr/Rb, Te, D/ST.
My Roster:

His Roster:

What’s side do you like?
Do you see any other possible trades given our rosters?


  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 8,932
    Gronk and Lynch for me
    I'm an asshole from:
    Montreal, Canada  image
    Also creator of this:
  • Hawk12Hawk12 Posts: 2,923
    I would rather novt give McCoy, as you have RB depth issues if you do.  Not a Lynch fan, so that sways me a good bit here.

    I like moving Diggs/Hogan for Evans if you can get him - both of your players are performing well and Diggs is banged up and might slwo down for a few eeeks while he recovers from the groin.  So seel them both high and go get Evans if its possitble.   Not sayin it is, but he might bite
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