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Taxi squad

absinthe Posts: 71
edited June 2017 in Dynasty Only
In my fantasy, Jabrill Peppers is LB and free.

Do you think I have to take him and put him on my taxi squad hoping he will be tag as a SS next year?

We start 3 safeties so good SS have lot of value.



  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 2,615
    I'd grab him if I could get him for sure.
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  • IcemanIceman Posts: 3,133
    Agree with RBF with the caveat that should you need space on your taxi squad in the future, typically safeties are the easiest to come by during the season. Always seems there are guys that show up unexpectedly.
  • boobam13boobam13 Posts: 1,901
    Where is he labeled a LB?
  • absinthe Posts: 71
    The f******
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