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I tend to get ansy....exploring offers for Le'Veon.

GlassJoe Posts: 185
So it's a 12-team PPR league, but you start 3RB/4RB/1TE/1flex (RB/WR/TE).  Just one QB.

QB - Cam, Bridgewater, Keenum (think I need to snag a backup?)
RB - Bell, L.Miller, Riddick, CJ Anderson, Smallwood, Vereen, Zenner, J.Conner (R)
WR - B.Cooks, D.Hopkins, Rishard Matthews, C.Beasley, Funchess, Hawkins, Eli Rogers, Kevin White, Mike Williams (R), John Ross (R), R.Switzer (R)
TE - G.Olsen, OJ Howard

Offer #1:
Christian/Allen Robinson

Offer #2:
James White

Behind Bell and Lamar, I'm already starting a PPR portion of an RBBC, so if I went with offer #2, I pick up Julio but now I have Lamar as my #1 and James White a weekly flex (who I actually like a lot in PPR leagues this year).  I think Offer 1 gives me two solid, every-week starters, but I'm not sure the value is there to send Bell packing.


BTW, I scored top 4 in points but was in a 4-team division that included all of said top point scorers (was the #6 seed in the playoffs, but the top 2 teams are a good bit ahead of 3-12 - 2300 and 2200 points thru week 13 compared to my 2050, the #4's 2000, then 2000 and 1900 for the other division winners...big drop to 1750 for the #7 team).

The only real reason to consider this is because there are just so many damn starters, so picking up two must-starts (even at Allen Robinson's level) isn't a bad thing (Riddick and Beasely were basically must starts for me last year).  Mike Williams and Ross both have Year 1 potential, but WRs are tough to guage.  So what say you, Sleeper Nation?
To trade or not to trade Bell.
  1. Trade Bell - yay or nay?14 votes
    1. Trade Bell/Conner for McCaffery/A.Rob?
    2. Trade Bell/Conner for Julio/James White?
    3. Don't trade Bell, you moron, you're not that far from winning and trading away studs is bad math!!!


  • I would be ok with trading Bell, but I don't think either of those offers is enough.
  • ReisssoxReisssox Posts: 669

    I would be ok with trading Bell, but I don't think either of those offers is enough.

    Yea you need a better rb back or another Wr back
  • fontainesfontaines Posts: 1,152
    Agree that neither offer is good enough. Bell is a single handed difference maker. I understand your need for depth but he's not a player even a rebuilding team would need to move, let alone yours which is a decent roster
  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 2,858
    Piling on...neither offer is enough imo.
  • XXXQB12 Posts: 72
    I agree with these still needs a little something
  • footballchixfootballchix Posts: 491
    It would need to be for a RB like Freeman or Ajayi along with a solid WR such as Hilton or Dez Bryant for me to consider that trade. The two offers you posted are garbage. 
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  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 7,835
    Just get a decent backup QB
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  • swampiesswampies Posts: 2,049
    WTCM said:

    Just get a decent backup QB

    who on waivers for QB's and Bell does need to be appreciated more with his value in return!
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