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Humor: 1 Year Ago (Gurley/Gordon)

smitty fantasy football advice

It’s amazing what can change in one single fantasy football season. Below is just one way to explain the craziness that was the 2016 fantasy football season.

fantasy football trade gurley-for-gordon

Don’t miss out on landing the next Melvin Gordon, something we predicted this past off-season!

“I picked Melvin Gordon from your advice. Nice job!”
– Cablejacks

(… speaking to the below Bold Prediction for 2016:

8. Melvin Gordon will be a top 6-10RB in 2016!

(9/1/16) He was on my Bold Predictions list last year, yet he failed to deliver. He looks the part this time around, though, and I envision a HUGE season out of the guy I liked near as much as any rookie to ever come out of college. Do some damage, young Gordon! Read more on him below.

Devonta Freeman the No. 2 fantasy RB moving forward?


Most fantasy football seasons, a player, often a running back, emerges and reaches top 1-5RB heights… yet, it’s a common reaction to doubt that player’s rise well into the fantasy football season. Well, for those still doubting the rise of Devonta Freeman, it’s time to accept that he is a top 1-3 fantasy running back moving forward (redraft). Freeman is no stranger to being ranked high on my rankings, as he was on last year’s Top 10 Bold Predictions. Now, he failed to deliver last year, clearly, but the talent has been there the entire time, he just needed the chance.

Moving forward in Weeks 6-17, these are my top three fantasy football running backs (redraft):

  1. LeVeon Bell
  2. Devonta Freeman
  3. Todd Gurley

Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, Eddie Lacy, all three make a good argument to be in the top 2-5 RBs moving forward (Bell is cemented in the 1.01 in all formats for me). And, if we’re talking dynasty, I slot Bell no. 1, as I just mentioned, and Gurley no. 2… Freeman is currently the best candidate for the third spot, though. Disagree? Argue against it below in the comments!

If you know a Devonta Freeman doubter, send him the image above!

Not-Tom Cruise makes a shocking 2015 fantasy prediction!

Smitty had the chance to interview Not-Tom Cruise heading into Week 4 of the 2015 fantasy football season. What did Cruise say? What was his BIG prediction for the remainder of the 2015 fantasy football season? Well, his advice might shock you. Watch below:

Humor: Don’t be this guy on draft day!

Don’t be this guy on draft day! Every single year, in drafts all over the world, someone attempts to draft some ‘big name’ player very late in a draft. Like AJ Green in the third- or fourth-round, or even worse. It’s comical, and if you play fantasy football, you know what we are talking about. Well, this video above plays off that concept. Enjoy!

Humor: Liam Nesson reacts badly to a BAD trade offer!

Liam Nesson, or Brian Mills from the movie Taken, reacts badly to a fantasy football trade offer. Are you tired of your friends and league mates sending you horrible fantasy football trade offers? Next time you receive a bad fantasy football trade offer, make that ‘sender’ aware of how bad it is/was and direct them to this video. Let them know how badly they offended you! Let them know it was a ‘trade offer fail’!

Humor: Tony Soprano reacts badly to a BAD trade offer!

Tony Soprano is not happy about the trade offer that he just received! Are you tired of your league mates and friends sending you awful fantasy football trade offers? Let your league mates know how bad their offers are by directing them to this video. Let them know that their offer was a trade offer fail.

Humor: Your Trade Offer Sucks!

Tired of getting bad fantasy football trade offers from your friends and league mates? Next time you get one of those horrible offers from a friend, send him to this page and get a rise out of him or her!

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Humor: Happy Birthday Test Post

Happy Birthday Test Post – A tribute video to our famous Test Post forum topic, which is a topic essentially about nothing. The Test Post forum topic is by far our most visited and posted in topic on our SleeperU forums.