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Ok, folks, as we head into August 1, it’s time to look at fresh 2016 Fantasy Football ADP Data (Average Draft Positions). This data was compiled using some of the best redraft ADPs in the industry, and I have included over 90 player predictions/comments.

2016 August ADP Data

Updated: 8/28/16

BOLD = Amazing Value!

PickNamePosTeamByeSmitty's Take
1.01Antonio BrownWRPIT8Rock solid #1 in ppr.
1.02Todd GurleyRBLA8Double-digit TD season in the cards.
1.03Julio JonesWRATL11Could easily be the top WR this year.
1.04Odell Beckham JrWRNYG8As with Julio, he could easily be the top WR this year, so great value in a sense.
1.05David JohnsonRBARI9Quietly my No. 1 RB this year, so I love the 5-6 draft slot this season!
1.06Adrian PetersonRBMIN6Is this his last elite year? Will he drop off this year?
1.07A.J. GreenWRCIN9He can earn this value. Solid.
1.08Ezekiel ElliottRBDAL7He could hit a wall in Week 10/11, but should earn this value through that time. Sell-high later?
1.09LeVeon BellRBPIT8Solid value given the suspension reduction to 3 games. Grab DWill, though!
1.10DeAndre HopkinsWRHOU9Quietly my No. 1 WR this year. Everyone in the top 5-6WRs this year could be the No. 1, so this is awesome value.
1.11Dez BryantWRDAL7Dak Prescott will be just fine. Dez should have a big year!
1.12Lamar MillerRBHOU9He should explode this year and earn this value!!
2.01Allen RobinsonWRJAC5Amazing second-drafted player.
2.02Rob GronkowskiTENE9Good value for the Gronk!
2.03Jamaal CharlesRBKC5Risky pick - Cuff!
2.04Brandon MarshallWRNYJ11Is this his decline season? I recommend letting someone else draft him this high!
2.05Eddie LacyRBGB4Bust alert at this value!!!!!
2.06Devonta FreemanRBATL11One of the steals of the draft at this value! Cuff him, but wow, this could win a league if he plays like a top 5RB!
2.07Jordy NelsonWRGB4High, but probably worth it!
2.08LeSean McCoyRBBUF10I'm starting to buy at late second-round value, especially if cuffed (might need to double cuff him).
2.09Mike EvansWRTB6Solid second-drafted player, and arguably top 5-10 for WRs this year!
2.10Keenan AllenWRSD11I love Allen, he was a previous year's Bold Prediction. I like him at the very top of the third-round, but he can earn this value if healthy!
2.11Mark IngramRBNO5A tad high given the workload risks in NO.
2.12Doug MartinRBTB6Kind of undervalued, I admit. I still worry about him, though, so at the top of the third-round feels low risk.
3.01Amari CooperWROAK10After Devonta Freeman, this feels like the steal of the draft at this point. He is quietly in my top 3-6WRs this year!!!
3.02Alshon JefferyWRCHI9He still feels risky here.
3.03Brandin CooksWRNO5A tad high, even though I love the kid's skill set.
3.04CJ AndersonRBDEN11A tad high given the risks. Cuff! Or, just draft Booker and have the no risk side of things!
3.05Sammy WatkinsWRBUF10Injury risk for sure, but will easily earn this value if healthy.
3.06Cam NewtonQBCAR7You can't argue this, but I do like Luck and ARod more this year. All three, though, are worth a middle third-round pick, regardless of the general consensus that QBs should be waited on.
3.07Demaryius ThomasWRDEN11The risk is built into this value. Solid.
3.08Aaron RodgersQBGB4I love this value, and I see him go in the 4th. Either way, he can be the highest scorer in fantasy.
3.09Kelvin BenjaminWRCAR7I fear injury.
3.10Carlos HydeRBSF8Solid value. The risk is built in!
3.11T.Y. HiltonWRIND10I hate that his value has climbed so high. He can still earn this, but I loved ranking Hilton higher than most. He has since climbed to value he can earn, but the monster upside is not as big.
3.12Randall CobbWRGB4Risky third-drafted player if you ask me.
4.01DeMarco MurrayRBTEN13Solid value given his top 5-10RB appeal. Cuff him!
4.02Jarvis LandryWRMIA8My secret top 5-10WR this year!
4.03Jeremy HillRBCIN9Undervalued given his ability to maybe hit 10TDs.
4.04Matt ForteRBNYJ11I'm torn on Forte this year.
4.05Jeremy LangfordRBCHI9I like this value. I loved it more in the 5th- and 6th-round range, where it was much of the off-season.. I try to get him later in most drafts, but love him at 48-52 ish overall. Steal right there!
4.06Jordan ReedTEWAS9A bit high given some similar TEs are much lower.
4.07Andrew LuckQBIND10Awesome value. Top 1-2 QB appeal in the late 4th-round?
4.08Thomas RawlsRBSEA5Risky despite his ADP falling. Owning just Christine Michael feels like the way to go this year. Let someone else take the risk here.
4.09Jeremy MaclinWRKC5He produces, but this still feels high given a few names still left.
4.10Julian EdelmanWRNE9Decent value.
4.11Jonathan StewartRBCAR7I'll let someone else draft him here.
4.12Donte MoncriefWRIND10A bit high, but the dude can ball and could earn this value!
5.01Latavius MurrayRBOAK10Too high. Lots of workload risk!
5.02Eric DeckerWRNYJ11About right. Not exciting but solid.
5.03Greg OlsenTECAR7About right.
5.04Russell WilsonQBSEA5About right.
5.05Ryan MathewsRBPHI4I let someone else invest here.
5.06Melvin GordonRBSD11Super, super bounce-back candidate... I love the guy at this value!
5.07Josh GordonWRCLE13I still love Gordon at this value. He can finish as a top 5-10WR even with missed games. He is insane.
5.08Arian FosterRBMIA8About right. He can earn this.
5.09Golden TateWRDET10Higher than I expected.
5.10Doug BaldwinWRSEA5Higher than I expected.
5.11Michael FloydWRARI9I still like a few other players more at this spot.
5.12Drew BreesQBNO5Solid. Very solid.
6.01Allen HurnsWRJAC5Solid!
6.02Marvin JonesWRDET10About right.
6.03DeAngelo WilliamsRBPIT8Hey, this isn't a bad spot, especially if you own Bell. It's a tad high, but you have to ask yourself if any of the players below will make or break your season. If you don't have a QB, I'd say Bortles here, though.
6.04Ameer AbdullahRBDET10Solid. He could bounce-back big, but if he doesn't, this isn't horrible value at all!
6.05Rashad JenningsRBNYG8Decent.
6.06Ben RoethlisbergerQBPIT8Solid.
6.07Larry FitzgeraldWRARI9About right.
6.08Tyler LockettWRSEA5Breakout candidate.
6.09Emmanuel SandersWRDEN11Solid value for sure.
6.10Tom BradyQBNE9Solid.
6.11John BrownWRARI9About right.
6.12Frank GoreRBIND10I like more players here.
7.01Matt JonesRBWAS9Hurt.
7.02Travis KelceTEKC5Solid value, but injury risk.
7.03Coby FleenerTENO5About right.
7.04Delanie WalkerTETEN13Solid value!!!
7.05Giovani BernardRBCIN9Sneaky RB to own this year. All Hill owners should cuff the two!
7.06Duke JohnsonRBCLE13Sleeper/Breakout alert!
7.07Carson PalmerQBARI9Solid.
7.08Blake BortlesQBJAC5Past Devonta Freeman and Amari Cooper, this is the next biggest steal of drafts!
7.09Derrick HenryRBTEN13Solid. I like him more and more for this season, but a must-cuff for Murray owners!!!!
7.10Jordan MatthewsWRPHI4Solid, solid value!
7.11Tyler EifertTECIN9Hurt.
7.12LeGarrette BlountRBNE9Not much risk here and good upside!
8.01DeVante ParkerWRMIA8Sleeper but Landry is the 1.
8.02Chris IvoryRBJAC5Not buying.
8.03Danny WoodheadRBSD11Solid and undervalued.
8.04Justin ForsettRBBAL8Solid.
8.05Sterling ShepardWRNYG8Good value, but expect highs and lows.
8.06Gary BarnidgeTECLE13
8.07Eli ManningQBNYG8
8.08Corey ColemanWRCLE13
8.09DeSean JacksonWRWAS9
8.10TJ YeldonRBJAC5
8.11Kevin WhiteWRCHI9
8.12Michael CrabtreeWROAK10
9.01Isaiah CrowellRBCLE13
9.02Jay AjayiRBMIA8
9.03Philip RiversQBSD11
9.04Julius ThomasTEJAC5
9.05Stefon DiggsWRMIN6
9.06Denver DefenseDEFDEN11
9.07Dion LewisRBNE9Hurt.
9.08Charles SimsRBTB6Cuff to DMart!!!
9.09Christine MichaelRBSEA5Sleeper!!!!!!!
9.10Kamar AikenWRBAL8Solid.
9.11Derek CarrQBOAK10Breakout!
9.12Tevin ColemanRBATL11Must-own for Freeman owners.
10.01Arizona DefenseDEFARI9My favorite D this year!
10.02Antonio GatesTESD11
10.03Devontae BookerRBDEN11Sleeper!!!!
10.04Torrey SmithWRSF8
10.05Seattle DefenseDEFSEA5
10.06Bilal PowellRBNYJ11
10.07Travis BenjaminWRSD11
10.08Devin FunchessWRCAR7
10.09Tyrod TaylorQBBUF10
10.10Markus WheatonWRPIT8
10.11Michael ThomasWRNO5
10.12Carolina DefenseDEFCAR7
11.01Jimmy GrahamTESEA5
11.02James WhiteRBNE9
11.03Kirk CousinsQBWAS9Sleeper.
11.04Matthew StaffordQBDET10
11.05Willie SneadWRNO5
11.06Zach ErtzTEPHI4
11.07Kansas City DefenseDEFKC5
11.08DeAndre WashingtonRBOAK10
11.09Tavon AustinWRLA8
11.10Alfred MorrisRBDAL7
11.11Martellus BennettTENE9
11.12Mohamed SanuWRATL11
12.01Steve SmithWRBAL8
12.02Vincent JacksonWRTB6
12.03Houston DefenseDEFHOU9
12.04Jameis WinstonQBTB6Solid value!!!!
12.05Tyler BoydWRCIN9
12.06Andy DaltonQBCIN9
12.07Minnesota DefenseDEFMIN6
12.08Dwayne AllenTEIND10
12.09Chris JohnsonRBARI9
12.10Rishard MatthewsWRTEN13
12.11Tajae SharpeWRTEN13
12.12Theo RiddickRBDET10
13.01James StarksRBGB4Awsome value given the bust potential for Lacy.
13.02Matt RyanQBATL11
13.03Marcus MariotaQBTEN13
13.04Robert Griffin IIIQBCLE13Sleeper!
13.05Tony RomoQBDAL7
13.06Stephen GostkowskiPKNE9
13.07Charcandrick WestRBKC5I love grabbing both West/Ware as a stash duo (without owning Charles).
13.08Spencer WareRBSEA5I love grabbing both West/Ware as a stash duo (without owning Charles).
13.09Sammie CoatesWRPIT8
13.10NY Jets DefenseDEFNYJ11
13.11Jerick McKinnonRBMIN6
13.12Phillip DorsettWRIND10
14.01Terrelle PryorWRCLE13
14.02Darren SprolesRBPHI4
14.03Los Angeles DefenseDEFLA8
14.04Justin TuckerPKBAL8
14.05Ladarius GreenTEPIT8
14.06Jason WittenTEDAL7
14.07Laquon TreadwellWRMIN6
14.08Jared CookTEGB4
14.09Terrance WestRBBAL8
14.10Zach MillerTECHI9
14.11Mike WallaceWRBAL8
14.12Steven HauschkaPKSEA5


      • If I knew for sure I had DWill, I’m more than ok with him being a 12-15 ish overall pick. No question. And, Id say I’m fine with a 2nd in general. But, 4 games is a ton, and his injury alone had some talking scared. More rest could be good, it could be bad, tough to say. I will say in one league, I would totally chance it and I am not really down on him. I’m just cautious, but again, in one league, fire away in my book. I just wouldn’t take him in all of my leagues, as lots of risk is present.

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